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The Gerstner International T24 Oak 11-Drawer Top Chest with 3 EDC Foam Inserts, is an imported, classic American style chest, constructed of American red oak hardwood and red oak veneers. This is a great chest for toolmakers to store their precision tools. It is also suitable for all kinds of home use. This chest is perfect for a multitude of usages ranging from moisture free storage of precision hand tools to hobby storage.

6 medium, 2 narrow and 3 full width drawers provide ample room for storage. The adjustable front lid gives the most practical use of space, covering the eleven drawers in the locked position and stowing neatly beneath them in the open position.

The 3 EDC Foam Inserts are designed to fit the full-width drawers and can be cut down to use in the medium drawers. The EDC Foam Inserts are great for multiple compartmented storage of jewelry, craft items, stamping and stencil tools, watches, pocket and various other collectable knives, artists brushes and paints and any other small items that need neat and organized storage.

The overall dimensions of this chest are: 24" wide x 10" deep (front to back) x 15.88" tall.

Tools, Kinves and other items shown in photo Not Included

Overall Dimensions 24" Wide x 15-7/8" Tall x 10" Deep
Top Compartment 22-7/8" Wide x 3-1/4" Tall x 8-7/8" Deep
Drawer Dimensions (ID) (6) 7-1/2" Wide x 7/8" Tall x 6-5/8" Deep (2) 3-5/8" Wide x 1-5/8" Tall x 6-5/8" Deep (2) 21-7/8" Wide x 7/8" Tall x 6-5/8" Deep (1) 21-7/8" Wide x 1-5/8" Tall x 6-5/8" Deep
Product Weight 34 lbs.

T24 Oak 11-Drawer Chest - with 3 EDC Foam Inserts

  • $564.00